The main goal of the DEPURATOX project is to create and develop an innovative and innocuous product (non-toxic to living organisms), capable of inactivating marine biotoxins in live bivalves (or reducing their levels to values ​​below the legal limits), during the purification process. In addition, the following objectives are established:

  • Improve the purification process through the inclusion of new product(s).
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of introducing the new methodology/product into the sector.
  • Mitigate the socio-economic impact resulting from the presence of marine biotoxins in bivalve molluscs, nationally and internationally.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge between the scientific community and the socio-business environment, namely shellfish gatherers, catchers, nurserymen, consumers and other stakeholders linked to the sector.
  • Disseminate the scientific results of the project by participating in congresses and/or seminars, organizing workshops and publishing scientific articles.